Through nature to eternity

The bog bodies of northwest Europe
Bog bodies attract crowds of visitors to museums and cause great excitement in scientific circles. That is not surprising. Bog bodies offer us a window to the past, through which we can glimpse things that are only rarely revealed to us. But how are we to interpret bog bodies? Do they represent individuals who lost their way or drowned in a mire, or are we to see them as victims of crimes? Were they perhaps criminals themselves, who were punished for their offences? Or are the bodies the remains of human beings who were sacrificed to supernatural powers? This book provides answers to this and many other questions.
Titel Through nature to eternity

Ondertitel The bog bodies of northwest Europe
Auteur dr. Wijnand van der Sanden
Rubriek Internationaal
Omvang 200 Pagina's
Formaat 22,5 x 28,5 cm
Uitvoering Paperback, rijk ge´llustreerd
Prijs € 25,00
ISBN 978 90 6707 418 6
Status Bijna uitverkocht