The Dutch Navy

For five hundred years, the Dutch Navy has had the task of defending Dutch territory and its world-wide maritime interests. In the past, the country and shipping had to be safeguarded against privateers, pirates and hostile men-of-war. Nowadays, the Royal Netherlands Navy has to be prepared to cope with potential opponents armed with the most advanced equipment, such as guided missiles or nuclear-powered submarines and surface ships. A lot has happened in those 500 years. Sea-Beggars and marines, professional sailors and conscripts have all manned the ships. Admirals like Michiel de Ruyter and ship-a-day Helfrich have commanded the fleets. Sea battles have been fought on all the world seas and oceans, whether its was close to home at Kamperduin and Ter Heide, or far away in the Java Sea.
Titel The Dutch Navy

Ondertitel 1488-1988
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